Long Live Blogging

I know:
Facebook is fast, easy and a looot of people are on Facebook.

But Facebook is also very ... not the very best place to show your artwork, show and tell "more" and keep track of peoples postings... IMO :)

Facebook meant death to a lot of wonderful Forums - places to interact with your fellow artist-friends. I know Facebook has groups...they are not the same as forums was - at all.
FB are daunting to scroll through, you cannot find anything you're looking for (earlier posts etc), and ... well.

Then we have Blogs - I guess they have suffered a lot too...But I really hope Blogs will survive. How will they survive?
By YOU and ME ... by following Blogs - the wonderful blogs with our favorite subjects beeing explored, exposed, commented etc.

I can say, I neglected blogs for a long period. Because it seems FB is easier, more people there and you do have to be there (I feel for myself, at least).

But I want to spend more time visiting my favorite bloggers - time is limited (if you wanna manage your own artwork and blog ;)) - so maybe my FB will suffer.

I hope you'll join - take part of the blogging-world - Follow blogs (right there at my right coloumn ;)) - comment, enjoy wip's etc.

 FB seems necessary - but lets keep our Blogs Alive too ;)

Long live Blogging