Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Porcelæns dekoration

Jeg har ikke så meget tid ved tegnebordet, men så leger jeg lidt med at dekorere porcelæn. Jeg kan godt lide enkeltheden ved et sort/hvidt mønster. Her motivdele fra mit mønster "Flowers and Stribes"

smile-humørikoJeg kan godt lide enkeltheden ved et sort/hvidt mønster

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review and looking into 2016

Review of 2015 and looking into 2016:

My annual review and thoughts about the last year and the year to come.

What was the best artistic experience in 2015?

  •  That Society6 selected quite a bit of my images to be in the Society6 Shop. This makes me really happy.
  •  Increased sales on Society6.com/doggyshop - makes me even more happy.
  •  A Diane Culhane on-line course. Exciting course even acrylic is not my no. 1. media.
  •  Trying out ink-pens for more than simple deco-illustrations.

Where did I succeed the most?

I had the most succes selling at Society6.com/doggyshop. I am very happy my dogdrawings are out there, on a variaty of items, that doglovers use and adore.

Where did things not turn out great?

  • I am still wondering why 200+ people see my posting on FB about a competition, to win one of my prints – and only 2 people participate.. Think FB is not my print-market platform. 
  •  Also no one participated in my competition for a Pin-up calendar, also wondering as my 2015 pin-up prints and calendar was quite popular. I will think of another kind of calender for next year.
  •  I could have done many more drawings/paintings in a whole year…I am trying to take more control via my calendar in order to be more productive and enjoying time with my drawing and painting supplies.
  •  My FB fan-troops are growing so slowly. I would like many more people see and know about my artwork. But I am grateful for you people, that follow. 
  • I think I have some nice stuff at society6.com/lenedaugaard, but sell close to nothing from there. 

How about my goals predicted in 2014 for 2015?

  •  I did more work for usage in my Society6 shops. Both for doggyshop and lenedaugaard shop.
  •  I did make a calendar – the Pin-up 2016 calendar
  •  I did not go to any fair or market with my stuff – a goal I will bring into 2016 and hopefully join in some 2016 events
  •  My Society6 shops grew – and the Doggyshop is most successfull.
  •  I did set up my DK-shop with t-shirts with dogs for sale (mydoggyshop.blogspot.dk), but didn’t sell much. All in all it seems I have much more succes abroad than in DK. I don’t know why

Where do I feel I grew as an artist?

  • I did some more complicated ink-drawings and felt very happy with both the process and the result. I will do more inkdrawings in the future.
  • I think I did some quite charming placement designs. And I really enjoy putting my simple ink-drawings into patterns.
  • My best abstract paintings so far - came from following the Diane Culhane course

 "Mousing around"

"Flowers and stribes" - 2

"Nature shapes" 2

What piece of art took the most hours to finish?
”Sunshine days – Teen years” in colored pencils.

Where did I do something new?

  • Inkdrawings mentioned above.
  • Diane Culhane course methods of acrylic abstract painting

Made any series ?
3-4 series, but not very large. Which is typical of my Scanner personality (from my last review: ”Reading “Refuse to choose” by Barbara Sher was especially helpful regarding my artwork, as it made me realize that my personality as a
“scanner” (Shers definition) makes it difficult, to choose one direction with my work.”
But – trying to dig more into my trouble with this, I hope to develop series more in 2016.

How about shows/exhibitions?
3 exhibitions and 3 competitions.
I hope to join markets in 2016 and some exhibitions with Stiplet artgroup. I am still a bit uncertain about competitions. It will not be my key-focus.

And any competitions held by me?
Yes, several. But participation was quite dissapointing. My auction was the better one – held at Doggyshop.dk on FB.

What will I quit?
I will give my site mydoggyshop.blogspot.dk a chance to grow this year. If nothing happens there – as to selling stuff – I might give it up later in 2016.
As mentioned above my own competitions seems to lack interest, even I might try the auction type again. But I love to have competitions, so …. I’ll see

What will I like to do more of? What is to be goals and what will I focus on in 2016?

  • I will continue having my 3 society6 shops, but my main focus is on Doggyshop, which is the most popular.
  •  I will try much harder, to do series. I mean series of 10-15 pictures in a Theme. If I succeed, I will try to exhibit more.
  • I want to develop more ”story-telling” compositions
  • I also want to do more paintings including females. 

You can meet me here:
Facebook: lenedaugaardartwork

Dog fans:
Facebook: doggyshop.dk

Society6 shops:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Glædelig jul til jer alle med ønsker om et lykkebringende nyt år

A merry christmas to you all and wishing you a happy new year

Monday, December 21, 2015

Society 6 selected

Wild - my drawing "Colorful pattern I - Zebra" was selected for the society6 shop :) Shop items :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Beagle - wip

Okay, det blev gættet på facebook igår: jeg er igang med at tegne en beagle :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ny wip - hund

Jeg er startet op på en ny hundetegning. Med blyanter på Mellotex papir.
Kan du gætte hvilken race det er?

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Auktions vinderen

James Dean - portrættet fra auktionen, jeg afholdte tidligere via Facebook
 Er han ikke sød ? 

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Society6 shop Holiday savings

Find your calender - pick your day and choise of items - and order in time at Doggyshop






On december 14. 12am PT and 24 hours ahead - you will save 15% on everything, and have it delivered to your doorstep for free. It's time to get the final christmas presents bought 

Thursday, December 03, 2015

My society6 doggyshop

Just got notice that using this promolink: https://society6.com/doggyshop?promo=BW3B9NY9F9YF - you SAVE 20% on every single item + get free world wide shipping - this is a time to buy wise - ends dec. 5 Midnight Pacific Time:)

I am very happy that doggy friends like my shop at http://society6.com/doggyshop. It seems you are also using the promo and saving offers at Society6 - at present to buy some Christmas gifts too, I guess :)
I usually announce these at http://Facebook.com/doggyshop.dk, but you can also visit the shop directly :) I will start to spread the word of these offers more on my blog and Google+
It is fun to see which dogbreeds sell the most. I actually think all my images are of high standard, so guess it is a matter of which breed-owners discovered my shop :)
Top 5 right now: Basset hound, Poodle (black), Pug, Border collie and Great Dane.
Have a great december to you and your dogs :)