Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New year

Dear friends and followers - with this New Year Pin-up Gal I wish you all a happy New Year and a fantastic 2015 :)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Important: Facebook 2015 rules

It looks like there will be new rules for FB fanpages in the new year. I did not read the official rules, but on other artists fanpages.
You cannot write/show anything that looks like advertising on the fanpage, or you offend FB's rules.
I do not earn enough via my artwork to advertise, so I advice you to follow me here on my blog or via Google+ if you have interest in knowing what I offer for sale of my art and designs.

I like to show you when I have new stuff for sale, like this t-shirt. Please follow my advice, if you wanna see more of it :)


Det ser ud til, der kommer nye regler på Facebook fansider efter nytår. Jeg har ikke læst de officielle regler, men på andre kunstneres fansider.
Der må ikke skrives/vises noget, der minder om annoncering på fansiden, i så fald, bryder man FB's regler.
Jeg tjener ikke nær nok på min kunst til at reklamere, så jeg anbefaler, hvis du vil følge med i nyt fra mig, at du følger mig her på bloggen og via Google+.

Jeg kan lide at vise dig når jeg har nyt til salg, som denne t-shirt. Følg mit råd, hvis du vil se mere af det :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Review and looking ahead into 2015

My annual review.

2014 - and looking ahead into 2015:

What was the best artistic experience in 2014?
• Reading “Refuse to choose” by Barbara Sher was especially helpful regarding my artwork, as it made me realize that my personality as a “scanner” (Shers definition) makes it difficult, not to say impossible, to choose one direction with my work. It also gives me tools to handle it and has given me more peace around the subject!
• My second shop on society6 - Doggyshop - started in july 2014, has been quite succesful selling and having several of my drawings selected for the official society6 shop has been great.
• Having my studio enlarged (of cause I can still use more space ;))

How about my goals predicted in 2013?
• I finally made a calender. It is my “Pinup calender 2015”. I realize I made it with this one, because the drawings are faster to make than anything else I make. The calender sold well.
• Did some work in series: I made the serie “Fun cats” of 4 illustrations, did 4 ink-drawings for “Tropical animals”, 3 whales for a whale-poster, finished the second watercolorpainting for “American dream” (Cadillac coupe de ville), and did a second drawing for “European dogs” (“Ready to go” - german shorthair pointer).

Where do I feel I grew as an artist?
• Making the “Fun cats” series was a new experience for me, mixing several drawing media, so new territory tested!

What piece of art took the most hours to finish?
• “Ready to go” - german shorthair pointer

Where did I do something new?
• Making the “Fun cats” series with mixed medias.
• Drawing with ink
• I started the blog my-doggyshop.blogspot.dk - mostly to give people broader access to my dog-drawings

Made any series ?
• Yes, look above “How about my goals.....”

How about shows/exhibitions?
• I participated in only 3 exhibitions - as for sales one was a waste of time and the other was okay. It was on Godsbanen, and I had prints and mugs + calenders and cards to sell. The 3.rd is not over yet, its the yearly hanging on the elderlyhome locally.

What happend in competitions?
I participated in a few competitions/shows. 2 put up by Ann Kullberg and being colorpencil related. I had “Valkyrie” in the Membershow and “Colorful pattern” II - giraffe in the show “Eyes”.
A couple of design-competitions from Tigerprint and Oh-deer.

And any competitions held by me?
One, but no response. It did give me the experience of what to do or not to do with competitions, though. One thing being the prize!

What will I quit?
• Trying to be able to do everything in all kind of media. I made me a list to help me remember :)
• I might close down my Etsy shop, as not much has happend there.

What will I like to do more of? What is to be goals and what will I focus on in 2014?
• I’ll do more work for decoration in my society6 shops (society6.com/doggyshop and /horsyshop and /lenedaugaard.
• I hope to make a calender for 2016 - not sure what kind though. My pin-up calender 2015 was doing well, but, I’ll see.
• I would like to be on a fair/market again with my artprints and items like mugs etc
• I want my Society6 shops to grow and sell well
• I want to offer t-shirts sold directly from me (dog-motifs)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Glædelig jul / Merry christmas

Jeg ønsker en glædelig jul til jer alle. Vi holder som vi plejer juleaften for en del af familien, og samles med min mor og alle mine 3 søskende 3. juledag til julefrokost. Dejligt og traditionelt.

I wish you all a merry christmas. We have a christmas dinner in my house with a part of the family and gather with my mom and all of my 3 my siblings on saturday for a christmaslunch. Lovely and traditional.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Arabian horses

Like arabian horses ?
 I live nearby Scandinavias largest equestrian horse center, and see many wonderful horses there. Not many surpasses the beauty and elegance of the arabianhorse. Its possible to wrap your cellphone in a skin with these beautiful creatures. Check it here: http://society6.com/horsyshop

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Show and bark

Show and bark! 
Did you ever want to show the world what doggy-type of person you are (if your dog is occasionally not with you :)) ? Heres the solution: flash it on your t-shirt, top, hoodie ... see them all:http://society6.com/doggyshop -  (please notice, this supplier has small sizes, go for larger size than usual)

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Good news for horse-lovers :)
I have just opened Society6.com/horsyshop - a site where you can buy t-shirts, mugs and much more with beautiful horsy decorations. Take a look in there :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Series: European dogs

My graphite drawing "Ready to go" - German shorthair pointer, are finished. It is supposed to tell a story of this breed, eager to go working in the field with hunting practise. So far this is the 2. drawing in my series "European dogs"

Monday, December 15, 2014


Ønsker du dig et portræt af din bedste (hunde)ven, så kig på min side:http://dyreriget.blogspot.dk/, hvor jeg fortæller om de muligheder, du har hos mig. Jeg laver hhv. blyantstegninger og pastelmalerier, se flere eksempler på siden. Jeg har fået rigtig god respons på de portrætter jeg har lavet, og vil også gøre dit portræt til noget specielt, du kan glædes over i mange år :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nye hundemotiver

Hej - lige et glimt af de nyeste hunde i doggyshop. Der er masser af andre også  kig ind - http://society6.com/doggyshop

Husk - de store besparelser skal nåes senest i morgen fredag 12.12. Der er hele 5$ fratrukket på hver enkelt vare + fri forsendelse !! Skal du nå julegaven til hundevennerne, bestil nu :)

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Big savings - get your items now

It is today and till friday! 5$ off EACH item + FREE shipping. If you think about getting one of those pretty items this will be a great time ;)

promotions - come and get it - my doggyshop

promotions - go save money now - other decorations

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Top 3 dog drawings

My top 3 most sold doggyshop breeds: 1. Basset hound. 2. Pug. 3. German shepherd. Thanx to buyers  
You can see them and more breeds on society6.com/doggyshop - just uploaded 3 new breeds for you :)