Friday, December 26, 2014

Review and looking ahead into 2015

My annual review.

2014 - and looking ahead into 2015:

What was the best artistic experience in 2014?
• Reading “Refuse to choose” by Barbara Sher was especially helpful regarding my artwork, as it made me realize that my personality as a “scanner” (Shers definition) makes it difficult, not to say impossible, to choose one direction with my work. It also gives me tools to handle it and has given me more peace around the subject!
• My second shop on society6 - Doggyshop - started in july 2014, has been quite succesful selling and having several of my drawings selected for the official society6 shop has been great.
• Having my studio enlarged (of cause I can still use more space ;))

How about my goals predicted in 2013?
• I finally made a calender. It is my “Pinup calender 2015”. I realize I made it with this one, because the drawings are faster to make than anything else I make. The calender sold well.
• Did some work in series: I made the serie “Fun cats” of 4 illustrations, did 4 ink-drawings for “Tropical animals”, 3 whales for a whale-poster, finished the second watercolorpainting for “American dream” (Cadillac coupe de ville), and did a second drawing for “European dogs” (“Ready to go” - german shorthair pointer).

Where do I feel I grew as an artist?
• Making the “Fun cats” series was a new experience for me, mixing several drawing media, so new territory tested!

What piece of art took the most hours to finish?
• “Ready to go” - german shorthair pointer

Where did I do something new?
• Making the “Fun cats” series with mixed medias.
• Drawing with ink
• I started the blog - mostly to give people broader access to my dog-drawings

Made any series ?
• Yes, look above “How about my goals.....”

How about shows/exhibitions?
• I participated in only 3 exhibitions - as for sales one was a waste of time and the other was okay. It was on Godsbanen, and I had prints and mugs + calenders and cards to sell. The 3.rd is not over yet, its the yearly hanging on the elderlyhome locally.

What happend in competitions?
I participated in a few competitions/shows. 2 put up by Ann Kullberg and being colorpencil related. I had “Valkyrie” in the Membershow and “Colorful pattern” II - giraffe in the show “Eyes”.
A couple of design-competitions from Tigerprint and Oh-deer.

And any competitions held by me?
One, but no response. It did give me the experience of what to do or not to do with competitions, though. One thing being the prize!

What will I quit?
• Trying to be able to do everything in all kind of media. I made me a list to help me remember :)
• I might close down my Etsy shop, as not much has happend there.

What will I like to do more of? What is to be goals and what will I focus on in 2014?
• I’ll do more work for decoration in my society6 shops ( and /horsyshop and /lenedaugaard.
• I hope to make a calender for 2016 - not sure what kind though. My pin-up calender 2015 was doing well, but, I’ll see.
• I would like to be on a fair/market again with my artprints and items like mugs etc
• I want my Society6 shops to grow and sell well
• I want to offer t-shirts sold directly from me (dog-motifs)

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