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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ocelot Family

Well, I've been really busy working on the Ocelot painting. Here are the finished work. It is 33 x 39 cm.
The motif is composed with different photoreferences from zoo.
My intention was to create a painting of this small ocelot family from the Amazons, showing them in a peaceful scenery, with the kittens waiting for their mother to wake up.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ocelot Family

I realize it is 2 weeks since my last "work" post.

I have been very busy participainting in a class, nothing to do with art though. Even it is very interesting, I really long for more time at my drawingtable again. It is frustrating how time is occupied with other things. How I envy you, that make a living from your art or simply have the hours of the day to draw and paint ;)

Anyway, my oilpastel painting "He's my Favorite" is on hold, as I want to try to get a dry pastel painting ready for a competition.

Here you see a bit of the painting called "Ocelot Family". Soft, hard and pastelpencils on Clairfontaine pastelmat. It is my first pastelpainting on this support, and I like it very much.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Memberships of international artsocieties

(Arabian Pride)

This is not a new painting, but just to indicate that I have joined the Pastel Guild of Europe. I enjoy pastels very much and hope to work even more with this media. I like both dry and oilpastels, the PGE is, as far as I've discovered, for the dry pastels (soft, hard, pencils).

I am a member of UKCPS, UK coloured pencils society. I like my coloured pencils very much, and the society offers a magazine, yahoo-groups and competitions.

Also for my interest in cp I subscribe to Ann Kullbergs on-line magazin: From my perspective.

I have a gallery at Mike Sibleys Starving Artist site, where I show different kinds of artwork.

The above societies requires a fee.

For forum activity I participate at ScribbleTalk, a forum for all kind of drawingmedia (not painting). Lots of interesting artwork and discussions goes on there.
Artpapa is another interesting place to visit.
For selling prints of my work, I have a gallery on Imagekind.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Do you ever wonder where (other) artists work? Here you can see my place.

The space is part of our diningroom - actually our diningtable is then placed in our livingroom. I find it important that my artplace is permanent :)

I have this high drawingtable that can be positioned in an angle. If I want to work on a high angle or stand up, I'll place an easel on top of the flat table.

My drawingmaterials are placed on my right hand on the table, on a small drawer-cabinet and in the window sill.Reference-shots etc are either on the table or on a smaller wheeled table at my left side.

I have a small bookcase on the floor behind the wheeled table, where I have books, folders, photos etc.

All the medias and paper not in use are stored in our small computer-room.

The lamps has daylightbulbs, so I am able to work at the evening. The window are facing southwest.

I usually pull my table a bit away from the wall to have more daylight on my table.

I like to draw and paint here, as I am not stored away from other activity in my house, but still this place is totally reserved to my art activity.

In summertime I move the drawingtable and cabinet to our summer-room - I really don't know the english word - on the 3. photo you can see my stuff placed there, all the "walls" are windows except for the side placed against the housewall.
Hope you liked to peep-in ;)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2009 - review

I had a plan for my artistic journey 2009. Some goals was achieved, and some was not.

Starting with the positive achievements.

January: my drawing "Grand Danios" was the Editors choise at Mike Sibleys Starving Artist. A site where I have a gallery. (I cannot link directly, you have to find my name in the index).

March: my drawing "German Shephard" was given a place at PictureDraws monthly portrait competition.

May: My drawing "Black cocker Spaniel" was selected to be in the dog-art book: Great Dogs, Amazing Artist by Jan Erinrac. Book. The book is for sale online, and includes lots of beautiful dog-art.

October: My colored pencil painting "Colorfull Pattern I - Zebra" was juried into the UKCPS 8. annual Open International exhibition 2009. Exhibited at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

December: I sold 2 original paintings at the Art-associations membershow.
I am very proud of the results in the above events.
One of my goals for 2009 was to enter shows, online or in RL.

All in all I send artwork to 12 shows. I am happy with the results, even one specific competion didn't pay off as I hoped. Not that I ever feel sure when participating. Anyway. I've been juried into the ArtHorse Magazine Art Exe competiton 2 years in a row. But not this year. The winners (drawings) are wonderful as usual.
My entrys was "Grazing Days", "Blue Ribbon" and "Painted - western style".

Most of the shows was/are on-line shows. In the UKCPS' show and Art-associations-show the art hangs in a gallery. One of my goals was to approach more of these shows, but I do not find many opportunities in my area. I just found out about this Art-association in 2009, so I'll be aware for 2010 and try it once again.

Also a goal hence the above, was to create more of series of work. I did paint 2 new in my "Eyes of the wilderness" serie, and a small-size abstract ink-serie named Tinkytot.

I also did the 2 first in the "Chameleon"-serie, and as one is sold, more paintings are high on my list.
I also started my "Colorfull Pattern" serie, and the first did so well, it's high on my list to continue as well.

Even so, I feel I must stay more focused on the series. I ended up with 27 finished artworks this year.

Another of my 2009 goals was to try out acrylics, and do more in pastels. Also try something completely new: abstract painting and pip-ups.
I had great fun doing all of these 4 challenges, I only wish I had done more.

I still need to stay more at the drawing-table. I love my drawingtime, but the computer are still the main distraction. Have to bee even more clever to limit time there.

I also had a sketchbook on my goallist, but even I went on a couple of sketchingtours, I did not hang on to a regular sketchbook. I have my little book for ideas and thumbs though.

In december 2008 I wrote about goals for 2009. One thing I certainly have learned from 2009 - it is great to write a more fullfilling list of goals, but writing it, and then drop it in the shelf is not the way to get organized for me.

One thing I did here early on in 2010 was to expand my printgallery and gather the prints for sale at imagekind, directed from my shop-page. I will also be putting originals for sale, but thats to come later.

The goals for 2010 will be on my drawing-table. Hopefully I will remember to check it now and then to see if I'm on track.
I hope you all have a great and fruitfull artistic 2010.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Imagekind shop

Prints on paper, canvas and greeting cards avaliable.

I have updated my shop at Imagekind with more images.

To make things easy, safe and of good quality, I have chosen Imagekind as the supplier of my prints and greeting cards. You can follow the link above or in the right margin, and pick your favorite motif - then choose size of print, paper or canvas or as greetingcards.

Prints are in high quality, easy to order, safe transaction.

Collectable professional prints and you can buy framed or unframed.
Paperprints are on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper, a bright, but non-glossy white archival paper. Canvas are premier too.

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. All prices are in US dollars.

Take a look, and feel free to mail me, if you have wishes or ideas for prints from me.