Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Here is a page from my sketchbook, working out my latest drawing.
It will also be in colored pencils.

The thumbs are used for compositional overview, and some value-ideas.
The composition are a mix of my own pictures (my own cat too).

I still need a title for this, but it will pop-up as I proceed, I'm sure.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Books for sale

Cleaning up my bookshelves I found a couple of books I don't use anymore.

I don't like books to stay unused, so I've put some up for sale here, as I'm sure others can use them:

postal charges will be added to the prices.
Payment via Paypal. Reply to this thread for questions etc..
If you follow the amazon links, you can read more about the books.

Charles Reid: "Painting what you want to see". Price UK £ 25. link

Melvyn Petterson: "Dogs - How to draw them". Pocket drawing series. Price UK £ 15. link

Susie Hodge: How to draw portraits. Price UK £ 2. link

H. Rankin Poore "Pictorial composition" - an introduction. Price UK £ 3. link

Caroll Michels "How to survive and prosper as an artist". Price UK £ 2. link

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The three chameleons

Here is the image I have been working on using the new techniques from Bet Borgesons on-line course.

This artwork contains from 2-4 layers of colors and juxaposing colors - both new ways of working to me.
The motif is also much more illustrative and all-over-pattern designed, compared to my other cp-paintings and drawings.

The motif itself is composed from my imagination, starting with the small thumbnail. I would like to show a junglescenery and applied the drama-story - yet humorous - of the 3 chameleons all observing the same butterfly.

I did a jungle-scenery in cp before, don't think I posted in on the blog. A more realistic rendering, and much more layering, also intended to show a little drama-story: "Silent meeting". The creatures are gechoes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

what I've been up to lately

Sorry to say I have no new large updates yet. I am working though; I follow an on-line course with Bet Borgeson, cp-artist.

Working in BB's method is very different than what I am used to. A lot of the learned I can use with pleasure, and some I cannot adopt. That's not strange when trying new ways of working. I'll put some of this work up here later.
Not to leave this as only text, heres a square of one of my coursedrawings ;)
Besides working in new techniques, the motifs differs too, being more illustrative/imaginative. Great fun!

This also means that my "Gentle Giants" of irish wolfhounds are waiting again. But not forgotten at all.

Forgotten is instead the papillon-drawing, as the commission simply didn't turn out with the customer. This is the first time it has happend to me, but it sure hit me hard. Well, no time for whining, and I did get wiser when taking commissions - if ever again.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Imagekind prints

It is possible to buy my artwork as prints from only $ 10.99 on Imagekind.
Many sizes, framed or unframed, and also as greeting cards.
...and it is free to have a look :)

Chameleon III as print