Friday, October 31, 2008

All Tied-up for the Show - Friesian Horses

Having been away on vacation for 3 weeks and not touched a pencil for almost 4 weeks - cannot wait to get going again :)
I do have a drawing to post though, as I finished this graphite drawing. It's called "All Tide-up for the Show" and it is frisian horses. 22 x 32 cm.

Story behind the picture:
"I was at an agriculture-fair, taking a lot of photos of different lovely farmanimals. But these frisian horses was so beautiful and powerful-looking I just had to draw them. I hope to show the horses characther and movement, allthough they are all tied-up; hence the title".

My recent post of a little video showing me drawing on this had a very bad comment on YouTube, where a girl - supposed to love horses according her site - writes that this is fraud and false - that I didn't draw this. Well, you cannot do much in cases like this, except turn the whole thing, and see it as the drawing is so good she didn't believe it was a drawing - smart thinking, yes ? Well if she comes around here, she can see the drawing finished and my other similar styles of drawings. But moreso I hope that you enjoyed it. Thanks for looking.