Thursday, January 15, 2009


I just discovered this site:

copy from the site:

"...having people from different corners of the world join in a day of sketching and journaling and then, thanks to the Internet, having everyone share the results on an online forum" .

So the great idea is on specific dates, people from all around the globe gather in smaller or larger groups and sketch, sketch, sketch. Then later share on So the idea reminds of Drawing Day (see previous thread) only this site urge it to be a live-group event. But you can participat as single too. The event has been going on since 2004.

I find it a brilliant idea. I didn't find any danes around there, so if you are danish; how about trying this out?

Next date of sketchcrawl are on saturday april 11.

Go for danish translation and more info on

Drawing Day 2009

Drawing Day 2008

I missed this event last year - intend to participate this year - what about you ?
It seems they have not upgraded their banner - but it is happening on june 9. 2009 !

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Editors choise at Starving Artists by Mike Sibley

I am so very excited and proud, that my Great Dane drawing was chosen as Editors choise by Mike Sibley at Starving Artists this month. It is a honour as Mike is the graphite artists I admire the most !