Friday, November 28, 2008

Just info

No new drawings or paintings yet.
Even I have not been very busy at my drawingtable for some time, I do manage to find time to do something. I am in a period of trying to paint in a looser style in watercolors. Not to change my detailed style but to experiment with new styles to add to my portfolio. I love drawing in graphite, but I also love colors. That is why I also like colored pencils, pastels and watermedia. Watercolors are the perfect media to "loosen up" with. Giving myself the opportunity to emphasize the aspect of colors in the artwork is really enjoyable. And not giving details and likeness the highest priority, even it is realism .. But still my own expression of motifs of cause... So when I have a painting I think is worth showing, I'll post it here... Untill then, happy painting to you