Friday, February 26, 2010


I am working on a colored pencil drawing, but as it is for a show, I won't be posting untill finished.
It is a still-life which is very rare for me to do, so I have my challenges with it.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Trying out a landscape

Landscapes has been on my "art-to-do wishing list" for a long time. Never really got around to it. Untill now. I couldn't resist placing some animals, though. 2 arctic wolves and 2 deers.
"Wolf-crossing country" (not: wolf crossing country) is in pastels and approx. 17 x 45 cm.
I wanted to show majestic snow-covered mountains and a landscape with very open spaces. And then the arctic wolves that live in these surroundings.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Realism, Photorealism and Hyperrealism

I knew about realism and photorealism in drawing and painting.

I have just heard about hyperrealism - sorry, if I am falling behind ;) - and I found the gallery of this guy - Denis Peterson. Its just amazing, how can he paint like that?!
Also take a look at this racehorse, you do read twice, to be sure he did not say it is a photo. Nope: gouache and watercolor...

Anyway, I think I'll stick to realism, then try to reach photorealism in time - once in a while. The hyperrealism looks like aiming too high in my vision

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Do you love colored pencil art?

Do you enjoy working with colored pencils?
Do you wanna learn more about creating art with colored pencils?
Do you wanna mingle with likeminded?

Why not join in with fellow artists, some of them top cp artists - learn from their lessons, get information about many aspects of working in cp, follow in depth critiques, showcase your own cp-art, read stories of other artists, get workshop schedules (great cp-artist teachers) and participate in 2 yearly shows/competitions?

That's some of the nice things you'll get from Ann Kullbergs on-line magazine "From my perspective".
I'm on my year as subscriber and I wouldn't miss it. The subscribtion has a very fair price - and includes free entry to the shows.

If you already work with cp's you cannot have missed Ann Kullbergs name. Her books are famous - and if you do human portraits - they are a must have!

Take a visit to - for all things colored pencil. You can subscribe from there and Ann offers wonderful cp-kits, prismacolor color pencils, drawingtools, Cd's etc. etc. Also take a look at the CP Central - a site Ann created with lots of important links.

If you love colored pencils - you gotta come around!

Monday, February 01, 2010

He's my favorite - wip - finished

Here is the finished oilpastel painting "He's my favorite".

40 x 50 cm on Canson Mi-tentes.

The composition is a mix from references, the wonderful Jutland horse, I saw at an agricultural-fair this summer. The small girl is my daughter.

My intention was to create a painting with strong contrasts, the contrast of size between the horse and the girl, and the contrast of colors, orange/reds against green.
I also wanted to emphazise the connection between animal and child in a warm and sweet manner.
The title referring to the childs feelings about her familys wonderful Jutland horse.

(This is a photo and the colors are slightly dulled compared to the original. My scan got way too red, so this is better).