Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chameleon II - watercolours

Enjoying the splash of watercolours I've continued the Chameleon-series.

These small creatures really facinates me. If they didn't eat such awfull insects, I would like to keep a couple myself.

The process when painting these; I have reference photos from which I draw a freehand (eye+hand+pencil only tools) in a loose style. The plants are imaginative or loose interpretations. I then choose a colorscheme, first the 3 primary colors; red-yellow-blue. I start with these colors, mostly layered on the paper but some mixed before put on paper. I then add additional colors, like greens or a charcoal grey to emphasize a dark spot.

I love the look of sharp edgdes in watercolours and painting in this loose, imaginative style, nothing prevent me from keeping them - as a painting in realistic style could require.

Here is the A4 size painting and a close-up to show the relation of graphite strokes and watercolors.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greeting cards

You can now buy greeting cards with my motifs. Wonderful flowers, delicious berries (will come), sweet animals, black&white abstractive inks, cards for all tastes. In 4 different sizes. Link.
Example of motifs:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Chameleon - watercolors

I am really practicing with my watercolors these days. Again a painting emphazising the colors more than anything. I just love the way watercolors can be layered with a transparency not possible with any other media I have tried.
I also find that graphite and watercolors are a beautiful mix. Delicate pencilstrokes showing through is what I try to achieve, together with a rather loose, but still shaped application of colors.
I attach the finished painting, size A4 and a closeup for a better view of the play of graphite and watercolors.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Print gallery open

My printgallery has opened. Go see if you wanna purchase a giclee artprint..In this occasion I annonce a competition, where you can winn a A4 print of my colored pencil painting"World of dogs II - Good company" - pug.Participate by sending me an email. Answer the following answer:
"Which horsebreed are the horses on "All tied up for the show"?Of cause you can find the answer on my site :)

write in subject: print-competition. Write the answer in the mail. Remember name and adress.The winner will be found those with correct answer.The competition will runn untill 30. juni 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three chaps - WIP

"Three chaps" - the wonderful small corgies have lots of personality, and I wanted to paint them in a loose watercolorpainting emphazing colors and values before textures and details.

Actually, painting in a loose style is quite a challenge to me, as I am more used to drawing and painting in a tighter manner. But besides challening I find it liberating and very fast - I also like the idea of switching between the 2.
The final painting is 297 x 420 mm on Canson Montval Not.

First I found my ref-photos, all taken at dogshows and I made my thumbnailcomposition. I also made a small valuesketch in graphite.
Having the 3 pictures in front of me, I draw the dogs freehand on a A4 size paper. Here I think of freehand as with no aids except eyes and pencil.

I made a new very loose sketch on watercolor board, size like a postcard. This drawing was made into a valuestudy, but this time in watercolor. Below the study you can see the final painting converted to greyscale for comparison.

I took my A4 handdrawn paper, scanned it and resized it in Photoshop. I scaled up to 1:1 for my watercolorpaper. I then used my lightbox to redraw on watercolorpaper.

Then colors was applied. Here are 3 closeups too:

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, so inspired from my Cocio-drawing (last post) I made a small 3-image series of ArtCards (ACEO - 64x89 mm) in the very same style. They are titled Tinkytot I-II-II. The name is as abstract as the images themselves. The 3 originals are for sale on my ArtCardWanted page.

I really like the concept of ACEO cards and collectors all over the world does too... there are also a lot activity in trading cards between artists.

So far I have had ACEO-cards as prints only - because I haven't found it comfortable to draw and paint in my usual style in this small format. I might continue producing the originals in different styles. It is a wonderful way to sell, buy and collect uniqe pieces of art.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cocio competition

This is my drawing for the Cocio (chocolate milk) competition. The drawing is in ink. Quite different from my usual style, but I really relaxed and enjoyed doing this. My name is on there, see if you can find it ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I have a fan-page on Facebook now. Do you wanna become a fan ?


Well, I intended to show my calender each month with the current picture of the month.
Just here in april I remembered my intention, so (better late than never!) here are the front and first 4 months so far .... hope you enjoy anyway... maybe even consider to purchase my 2010 calender - which I hopefully will finish in time :)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Commission a portrait

I now take in commissions from abroad. Please go to the site if you consider a petportrait.

With my new website: My Animal portrait

For danish residents please take a look at my danish commissionsite: Portrætter:

World of dogs - update

Progression. I have altered and made som changes on each side of the painting. Beginning to see this finished soon! It is fun to do - but does take time.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

World of Dogs - update

Now the smallest pug comes along too ;)

.... and then my galleries of series have been redesigned... go from here
in danish here