Friday, August 28, 2015

2016 pin-up kalender

Som tidligere nævnt kommer der også i år, en pin-up kalender fra mig. Denne gang viser de søde piger sig i astrologiens soltegn. (Kalenderen følger kalendermåneden). Her kan du se Fisken for marts heart-humørikon Jeg regner med at få startet op i september. Måske en fødselsdags-, julegaveide til veninden - ud over den til dig selv selvfølgelig wink-humørikon Senere følger et opslag med oversigt over alle 12 måneder

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Horsy shop

Do you know that I have a Horserelated shop at Society6 ?
If you like stuff with equine decoration you have to check it out:

It is promotion time, be sure to get the daily offers - look at my facebook:

The daily promotion item and code is the same in each shop: also my Lenedaugaardartwork shop

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nature Shapes I and II

Working on the on-line course with Diane Culhane, heres 2 paintings I did, using pen and acrylic. I really enjoy the mix. This feels like an "entry" into abstraction for me. Working with the grid-composition makes it more manageableI think :) 30x30 cm.
Both paintings are for sale. Look at my Original-for-sale page here

Monday, August 24, 2015

Promotion time at Society6

Now its time to get promotion-offers at Society6.

August 24. at 12.00 am PST: 15% off Artprints. You got 24 hours from start to get it :)
Use the promo-code: "5PRINT" at check out :)

Soon its time to order your favorite Laptop sleeves and Phone cases as you will save $ 5 per item.
Starts august 25. at 12.00 am PST - and 24 hours till it ends !!
Use the promo-code: "5TECH" when you check out :)

I have 3 shops - so visit your favorite(s) shop(s). I am sure you'll find something you cannot live without :)




Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hundene // The dogs

Jeg har nu 33 racer på min - en liste med stort potentiale for at vokse sig meget større, da der er mere end 400 i verden smile-humørikon Kigger du på min shop, vil du se et lille hjerte ved billederne. Jeg vil virkelig blive glad hvis "mine hunde" havde endnu flere hjerte-klik end nu, så de bliver endnu mere sete. Kan jeg bede dig kigge og klikke på din(e) favorit(ter). Du skal klikke på billedet/billederne, så de åbner op i større, før du kan "stemme". Du vil være anonym. Tak for hjælpen :)

I now have 33 breeds on my - a list with much potential to grow even larger, as there are more than 400 around the world smile-humørikon If you take a look at my shop, you'll notice a little heart along the pictures. I would so much love "my dogs" to have much more heart-clicks than now, so that they will get even more notice. Can I ask you to go and click your favorite(s) ? You must click on the pictures to enlarge, before you can "vote". You will be anonymous. Thanks for helping me 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Doodles with Diane Culhane

I have just started (a selfstudy) course from Diane Culhane. I also took a course by her in 2013, and I think she is very inspirational and proficient.

This first assignment is about doodeling. I don't doodle that much in the manner she explanins. I do small sketches just for fun, but not often the unconsciously doodles, that means drawing when talking on the phone, watching TV, listening to a lecture etc. I must try if I can do those more, but I think my small sketches will be usable too :) Actually this kind of doodeling was a thing I did before we got the cellphone ! - talking in an ordinary phone, you are bound to a place, and that made me doodle ... hmmm.. funny how this has changed without me notice it at all.

The sketches above are very small ink/pen drawings I just" let out" in a sketchbook - I have several books, and I should have been more strict using them in a chronologically manner. Instead my sketches spread out with no order in several books. Not a good thing for my muddled head. I am a list-o-mania. It is so, because my head is muddled - not the other way around: making lists because there are order in my head ;0 Anyway....
I prefer books with a ringbound - they are easy to flip and look through, and I can occasionally dismiss a page ;)
I'll keep you updated on my progress with this course :)

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Chow chow wip 3

Jeg har endelig fundet tid ved tegnebordet igen. Jeg elsker dette ansigt og personligheden hos denne smukke hund. Pelsen er udfordrende men sjov at male. Jeg ser frem til at kunne præsentere chow'en på krus, t-shirts osv for jer :)

I finally had some time at my drawingtable. I love the face and personality of this beautiful dog, and the fur is challenging but fun to paint. Looking forward to present it on mugs, t-shirts etc for you ;)

Friday, August 07, 2015

Boomboom prints

I was asked by Boomboom prints if I would be interested to sell my designs on items in their online shop. They saw my prints at society6. Boomboom specialize in the budding familily - selling baby and toodler items decorated with cute illustrations for kids.

Heres a couple of my designs, chunky, bold flowerdesigns. See more at my boomboom shop