Saturday, August 26, 2006

PORTRAIT of Norwegian Buhund - WIP

I am currently working on a portrait of my own dog. She is a Norwegian Buhund, named Björka. She is an elderly lady of 10 ½ years. She is such a lovely companion.
I paint the portrait in colored pencils. This is mostly Derwent Artist pencils, with a few FaberCastell Polychromos and Karisma also. But it was my idea to make some drawings in 1-2 brands and because Karisma is soon gonna dissapear from the european marked as artsuppliers run dry, I have to build up my supplies with other brands. I have access to these 2 brands in open stock, which is what I want. And I like them even rather different from Karisma pencils.
the paper is rather smooth, but still takes some layers. And the DWA and FC P sticks fine to it.
Here is an update, with the finished portrait

Friday, August 11, 2006

WIN a portrait

Here you have an unique opportunity to win a beautiful portrait of your dog,cat, horse or another pet or favorite wildlifeanimal. For further details, please read:
choose english language and click the link to the competitionpage. Runs through july - aug - september 2006..... Good Luck

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fraudulent Smile - Pencil drawing

This title I found suited this Mississippi Alligator very well. You can see from the steps of my drawing how I figure out the pattern of the skin before going into details. This is a small drawing but it took time to complete the detailed apperance of an alligator....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

PET PORTRAITS (sorry but it is not possible to order any commissions at this time)


I love to draw and paint dogs, to show their personality and to give your pets life through my pencil or brush... pastelpaintig "Blue Eyes" of a Siberian Husky graphite drawing "Mille" of a poodle

.. and my colorpencil drawing of "Blue Merle Collie", are all examples of how a commissioned portrait can look.

To find out more and see more examples please look here;

I will be glad to do a portrait of your pet; Dog, Cat, Horse or any other domestic animal, or perhaps your favorite wildlife animal.

I love animals and to draw and paint them are a great pleasure for me. And it is wonderful when clients are happy with their pet-portrait, getting it framed to hang on a special spot of their home.

Robert is my sisters horse. He is a Danish Oldenburger Horse. My sister was very happy with this drawing.
Perhaps you would like a portrait of your horse ?
For further information, please look here:
Or just have a visit at my Gallery page: