Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two of a Kind

My latest cp-drawing "Two of a Kind" - jaguars. It is 19x29 cm on mountboard. This took me 20 + hours to complete, especially the black panther includes multiple layers of color.
17. january:
To show some steps of the process

I have drawn a composition made from 2 different photos from a Zoo. I draw the composition via a grid for accurracy. The whiskers are impressed.

The eyes are very important, so I paint those first. Want to achieve the glow of cats eyes, and the strong look of these particular jaguars.
Later in the process, I change the black panthers eye - so far it is true to the reference, but I like it to be more open.

I start the fur. I've made some color-tests in advance. I use strokes in fur-direction.

Building up fur...

The spotted fur is build up. It takes less layers than the black cat. It is important to make the spots look like fur, by either overlapping the lighter fur or let the lighter fur overlap the black spot.
(I am sorry about the hype, cannot seem to control it in blogspot !?!)