I love this

I started the "I love it"-posts in january 2011, and will make a montly post with a couple of "I love this" drawings or paintings.

Why not applaude something you really admire and love to look at :) Enjoy!

As I cannot copy-paste other artists work, I have placed a link on the title.

"Driving force" Scratchboard by Cathy Sheeter.
I am amazed by this piece. From the darkeste shadows to the wispy hairs, it is a wonderful presentation of the friesian horse, overwhelming with both tenderness and strenght. Cathy is a master of scratchboard, and very skilled depicts different kind of animals.

"Lion portrait" Pastels by Therese Larsson.
A masterpiece in pastels, this painting almost looks like a photo - only much better. It captures the essence of a male lion, intense with his direct glance, painted with wonderful values that emphazises the sunlight and shadows. I love it.


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