Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I love this

Starting january 2011, I'll make a montly post with a couple of "I love this" drawings or paintings.

Why not applaude something you really admire and love to look at :) Enjoy!

As I cannot copy-paste other artists work, I have placed a link on the title.

"Perseverance" Acrylic wolfpainting by Cristina Penescu.
I think this is a masterpiece. The composition, the light, the background, the mood, the texture and colors. Just everything works brilliant. The motif drags you in, and you cannot get tired of looking at that gorgeous animal. 24 x 36 inches - I would love to see this in Reallife too. Must blow you away.

"The Horse whisperer". Pencildrawing by Terry Miller
What a masterful drawing. The light and shadow-play are fantastic. Beside the superior drawingskills the drawing has a fantastic mood and tells a moving story. It just hit your feelings and emphaty for the horses. I love the title too. 8 x 17 inches.

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  1. Lovely choice Lene - they are both very special works