Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hanging watercolors without glass framing

Born out of me being among very few people that showed glass-framed art at shows with my artgroup, I wanted to explore how to frame my artwork without it.
Also I find the glass-framing process being a bit of a hurdle when getting ready for shows. At least when I get to no. 5...6....

This is my second attempt and it works fine.
My first attempt, was to glue a small watercolorpainting onto a mdf-board. I used 3M photomount spray - which will not work properly, despite a clerk said it would. Also the mdf-board will not work for larger artwork, at least not the thickness mine have.

The goatkid is a watercolorpainting on 300 gsm watercolorpaper.
I attached it onto a mounted canvas. The glue is Ara Acrylic gel medium. I use a big flat brush to spread the medium onto the canvas. I then lay the painting on top of the canvas. I used a roll - originally use for graphic printing - and rolled gently onto the paper.
I turned the canvas and paper, so the paper faced the table, and put some heavy books onto the wood the canvas are mounted on.

After one day, I checked if the gel medium worked. It did except I carefully put a bit more onto a corner with a cottonbud. I just hold it a minute or two, and it was okay.
I then cut the paper to size the canvas. Paper facing the table as before, and cutting along the canvas sides.

I then used fixative, to protect the watercolor painting for not dissolving when using varnish.
I use Lukas 2323 fixative. Even on the can, it says to be used for pastels and graphite, it can be used on wc as well. I sprayed fixative 2 times, and let it dry for some minutes.

I then used varnish, Lukas 2324 spray film twice. This is to protect the painting against dust, dirt and for UV-filter against light-damages.

I will add some paint to the sides of the canvas. I think it would have been better to do this in advance, but I did not think about it then.

I believe this process will work for colored pencil work too.
For some reason I want to keep my graphite drawings framed with glassframes. I like them like that.

But my next show will be less glassframing for sure! I like the look of it!

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