Saturday, January 09, 2010


Do you ever wonder where (other) artists work? Here you can see my place.

The space is part of our diningroom - actually our diningtable is then placed in our livingroom. I find it important that my artplace is permanent :)

I have this high drawingtable that can be positioned in an angle. If I want to work on a high angle or stand up, I'll place an easel on top of the flat table.

My drawingmaterials are placed on my right hand on the table, on a small drawer-cabinet and in the window sill.Reference-shots etc are either on the table or on a smaller wheeled table at my left side.

I have a small bookcase on the floor behind the wheeled table, where I have books, folders, photos etc.

All the medias and paper not in use are stored in our small computer-room.

The lamps has daylightbulbs, so I am able to work at the evening. The window are facing southwest.

I usually pull my table a bit away from the wall to have more daylight on my table.

I like to draw and paint here, as I am not stored away from other activity in my house, but still this place is totally reserved to my art activity.

In summertime I move the drawingtable and cabinet to our summer-room - I really don't know the english word - on the 3. photo you can see my stuff placed there, all the "walls" are windows except for the side placed against the housewall.
Hope you liked to peep-in ;)

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