Saturday, March 06, 2021

Encounters - Meeting Icequeen Lynx

Here is my latest Encounter-painting. "Meeting Icequeen Lynx." This is my 3. painting in the serie, although "White deer" differs as painted on paper and in a smaller scale.

I had fun developing this power animal. 

In the process of painting these abstract animal paintings, I also find them almost like Totem animals

My favorite motif is animals as you are probably aware of, and then I find it playful to paint abstractly.

I have only had a few of my abstract paintings out on exhibitions. I'm been missing something. That "something" I have then begun to paint in the form of animals. Both in itself abstract and together with an abstract background.

I draw the animal in the motif, and subsequently I paint an abstract background. Then I integrate the main motif with paint and pencil strokes of different kinds.

I have good energy and desire to work when I am in the process, and I like the pictures a lot.

Mixmedia, 40 x 50 cm on canvas board. 

to paint a series of animals and abstract painting. The series can both be enjoyed for the colorful animal characters themselves, but I also wanted to weave in expressions of more symbolic layers. Still, my starting point is my joy at animals and nature, and my attitude about the importance of preserving animals and nature.

In the abstract form, I look beyond / into behind the animals' realistic appearance, and also try to create a modern, and more original expression than I do in my realistic art.

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