Tuesday, January 06, 2015

2015 - 3 words

Maybe you already read my goals for 2015 here, but beside writing down things like this, I also like the idea of having word(s) to inspire and define the coming year.
The process of finding the word(s) can be done in many ways, there is a whole blog-culture about the item. Last year I found them by picking those that attracted me on a blog-page. This year I just kind of let them come to me. They sound much more challenging for me this time! The 3 words that kept sticking are:

Brave - Original - Inventive

This is words I would not put on myself instantly, but then a new year should be a progress shouldn't it ?
The idea of the project is to keep these words "in front of you" each day and let them inspire the day and the things you do....

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