Saturday, March 09, 2013

Colorful pattern II - giraffe WIP

Here you see some steps from my current work.
I (finally) got started with the second drawing in "Colorful Patterns". My first was a zebra, also shown here. Not a new piece, I have to admit :) - but I always had the plan to continue the serie.

I am working in both watersoluble colored pencils and ordinary colored pencils. The support is once again Artspectrum colorfix. A paper I really like for this process.

I have decided to make the giraffe a bit more loose than I first thought. Not painting every detail but letting the color have the major role. Afterall, thats also what the title suggests :)
I will proberbly finish the giraffe next week. It is supposed to be included in my easter-exhibition with my artgroup Stiplet.

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