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It has become too much of a mouthful for me to keep going with 5 blogs, 3 facebook pages and 2 websites!

I therefore melt together 3 blogs in one blog, and it is under this name There will now be posts in English and danish.

My 2 other blogs are: - The Drawing-shop, overview of what and where you can buy my drawings and paintings etc.  (in danish, but translator on the blog) - Animalkingdom, portraits of your pet (in danish, but translator on the blog)


  1. Yes, when it gets to the stage that you spend more time on marketing and updating sites than you do at the drawing board its definitely time to make changes LOL

    Its amazing how time consuming these sites are. I chose to stop Facebook for that very reason - I prefer to stay with the Blog as I feel more in control :-)

    1. I like blogging too, but actually i get more response on Facebook. So i stay with fb :)


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