Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Black labrador wip 3

I did manage to get quite a step forward this last "session". You can see I have a variaty of pastelpencil brands I use, Fabercastell, Carbotello, Cretacolor. I also have some Derwent pastelpencils. Just above the drawing itself, you can just see my color-tests - a general paper to guide me, but the pencils have to be tested again if one uses a paper that differs much in hue.

I think this will be finished over this week, even things always takes longer than expected, and "other stuff" easy gets in the way between me and the drawingtable!!

Run Wild IV

Her er mit fjerde og sidste maleri i serien "Run Wild": Alle 4 malerier kommer med på Påskeudstillingen, Testrup Højskole, me...