Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summergirl - wip

Its been a while since I posted a wip (work-in-progress) so I just put together some of the few shots I got from the process of drawing and painting "Summergirl".
I started with a pencildrawing. Using a grid I placed the facial features, but altered them as I did not want an excact likeness - quite the opposite  I then drew some fanciful hair with the flowers in them. Then I placed the graphite drawing on my light-table, and with an inkpen transferred to my watercolor paper (Fabriano, 300 gram, by the way). Then the coloring with watercolors began. And the final drawing/painting was with a white background. I painted a background on a seperate paper, so that I can more easily use the image with or without background for various designs.

If you like this feminine design, it is avaliable in different ways in my shop: http://society6.com/lenedaugaard ;)

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