Saturday, July 27, 2013

Voting in competitions

I have been voting in 2 artwork competitions today, really made me think about "judging artwork".

The competitions are Derwents Art-prize for artwork in pencil (graphite, charcoal, colored pencil) and Ken Bromley Art Supplies Cover Competition.

Very difficult choises - I don't envy the real judges - so many different and fine pieces to enjoy.

I have been looking carefully on all entries. First I look for what strikes me, if I don't find the artwork appealing or interesting I move on to the next one. This issue is very subjective and the reason why one sometimes wonder why This Artwork got the price before That Artwork. We are attracted to different motifs and styles - judges are too.

I then look closer for technical skills. This can be evident in both sketches and more completed work. A sketch and an illustration can be just as skilled, interesting and captivating as a completed work.
I look for technical skills as I admire such very much. I think I see a lot of artwork around that lacks skill. But it cannot stand alone. If the image doesn't capture me by the composition/story itself, a better skilled work might not get my vote.

Not being a real judge, I also think about not just voting for the single piece of an artist. Especially if I find it very hard to place my vote(s). Of cause I do have to place my Peoples choice vote for the actual pieces entered, but sometimes when I look at the artist' gallery/portfolio, it seems this one piece is an exceptional good one. If the majority of the work lacks in quality, I might be holding back my vote. I am a little in doubt if this is fair, but then, I find it less fair if generally better artitst' are not getting my vote... anyway I don't think the real judges in competitions should do so.
In one of the comp. mentioned here, I did favour an excpetional piece of one artist above a more skilled one - as I judge it, looking on their websites.

I wish all participants good luck, and am glad to have made my choise for the Peoples Choise awards :)

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