Friday, July 12, 2013

Reading blogs/homepages of fellow artist'

What is happening with art-blogs ?

First I have to confess that I have been following the flow of popularity and therefore look at Facebook pages more than blogs for the last year or so.

And I don't even like using Facebook for showing and viewing artwork. It sucks ! Facebook is nice for quick posts about this and that - also about artwork, and having group-contact - but I like and get much more out of reading and looking at blogs or homepages of the individual artist.

Not that I want to avoid FB - but I want FB to be a guide or pointing arrow to go to blogs and homepages.
So confessing - I've been bad myself ! I sometimes feel writing my blog or updating my homepage are totally useless. But still, I see the statistics that some tenasious readers pay visits.

I promise myself that I will be more around on blogs - leaving comments too.

Keep those blogs and homepages alive!!

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