Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reflections and preparing

I know its a bit quiet here and that is due to 2 things.

1. Reflections: I am thinking a lot about what path I want to follow - artwise. I love to draw and paint and cannot live without it, whatever happens.
But I am really trying to be more focused in order to - hopefully - attract some customers to my art.

As so many other artists, I also have a dream of having as much time as possible for my love of art. And that means; not having to work as a fulltime employee = I have to make some kind of income from my artwork.

This will sound like a piece of cake to some - choosing path I mean. For me: Not so! It takes a lot of questions and indeed answers to dig in and find out, what to let go. Letting go is really the hard part.

So a lot of questions about style, media, marketplace etc. pops up.

At least one thing is crystal-clear to me: my subject of animals are the one and only subject I will be drawing and painting ahead. It has always been my major interest, but I have been doing other stuff.

Thats the homework part of it. Then there is all the extrovert stuff...

2. Getting ready for exhibition/show - wow that takes a lot of time. Finding the right artwork, framing, making businesscards, notes, announce it etc etc.

At least I am finally painting after a gab of work. I'll post when its finished...

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