Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Not visible on www

Nowadays the internet is such an integrated part of our lives. As many artists I spend hours looking, commenting, writing on/about stuff related to art. I like to blog, edit my homepage, follow forums, read articles, follow artists etc.

And I just hate it when people (artist') dissapear from www. To me, it's almost like they died. Sadly this could be a reason of cause, but then you trace a single comment or whatever that proves they are not. But apart from that - they are not visible on www.

I've just discovered favored artist no. 7 or so removed all homepages, blogs, memberships and artwork from the web. A couple still have some membership or whatever, last updated 2008!

Peoples lives can take all kinds of directions of cause, but I cannot imagine myself skip art ever, and these people are certainly skilled and good artists. Now being on www is not a must for being a succesfull, productive artist (sometimes www takes too much time from artwork for me, I know!), but to me it feels like they simply gave up art.

What happens?

Hvilke hunde?

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