Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, so inspired from my Cocio-drawing (last post) I made a small 3-image series of ArtCards (ACEO - 64x89 mm) in the very same style. They are titled Tinkytot I-II-II. The name is as abstract as the images themselves. The 3 originals are for sale on my ArtCardWanted page.

I really like the concept of ACEO cards and collectors all over the world does too... there are also a lot activity in trading cards between artists.

So far I have had ACEO-cards as prints only - because I haven't found it comfortable to draw and paint in my usual style in this small format. I might continue producing the originals in different styles. It is a wonderful way to sell, buy and collect uniqe pieces of art.

Hvilke hunde?

Tidligere spurgte jeg her på bloggen og på  doggyshop facebook  hvilke hunderacer I savner på mine Doggyshops. På facebook fik jeg 2 svar,...