Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three chaps - WIP

"Three chaps" - the wonderful small corgies have lots of personality, and I wanted to paint them in a loose watercolorpainting emphazing colors and values before textures and details.

Actually, painting in a loose style is quite a challenge to me, as I am more used to drawing and painting in a tighter manner. But besides challening I find it liberating and very fast - I also like the idea of switching between the 2.
The final painting is 297 x 420 mm on Canson Montval Not.

First I found my ref-photos, all taken at dogshows and I made my thumbnailcomposition. I also made a small valuesketch in graphite.
Having the 3 pictures in front of me, I draw the dogs freehand on a A4 size paper. Here I think of freehand as with no aids except eyes and pencil.

I made a new very loose sketch on watercolor board, size like a postcard. This drawing was made into a valuestudy, but this time in watercolor. Below the study you can see the final painting converted to greyscale for comparison.

I took my A4 handdrawn paper, scanned it and resized it in Photoshop. I scaled up to 1:1 for my watercolorpaper. I then used my lightbox to redraw on watercolorpaper.

Then colors was applied. Here are 3 closeups too:

Hvilke hunde?

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