Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chameleon II - watercolours

Enjoying the splash of watercolours I've continued the Chameleon-series.

These small creatures really facinates me. If they didn't eat such awfull insects, I would like to keep a couple myself.

The process when painting these; I have reference photos from which I draw a freehand (eye+hand+pencil only tools) in a loose style. The plants are imaginative or loose interpretations. I then choose a colorscheme, first the 3 primary colors; red-yellow-blue. I start with these colors, mostly layered on the paper but some mixed before put on paper. I then add additional colors, like greens or a charcoal grey to emphasize a dark spot.

I love the look of sharp edgdes in watercolours and painting in this loose, imaginative style, nothing prevent me from keeping them - as a painting in realistic style could require.

Here is the A4 size painting and a close-up to show the relation of graphite strokes and watercolors.

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