Saturday, December 06, 2008

Loose watercolor - boston terrier

As these loose watercolor paintings are much much faster to do than other medias and painting styles I am used to, I already have a new one to upload. Again I've used the watercolor board, the painting sized 22,5 x 24 centimetres. The breed is a Boston Terrier. I've used a limited palette just as with the grand danios painting, but different colors this time.
I find the loose painting style includes continuing practise of "holding back and letting go". I dont just splash colors on with no regards to the underlying structure of the motif, but still have to take care not to be too carefull. As I am used to going quite detailed in drawings, it is definitly a learning process. But I love it ;)

Story behind the picture:
"I saw 2 charming boston terriers at a dogagility show, they were wainting for their owner and I took several pictures of them."

Perfect stripes - Zebra - wip

This is very early stages of what I am jumping into next. I really want to make some large animal-artworks, and for that reason I'm ...