Me and my Media

I can not help it: I'm addicted to drawing and painting media.
Many artists stick to one medium.
It allows rapid development with the selected media. And very important, quick recognicion of an artist.

But ...It would be terrible for me to use only a single medium.
Although I like to improve my skills and develop my skills, I must give it the extra time it takes when I also want to play with more media.

When I draw and paint: lively lines with pencil, ink and crayon, delicate translucent layer-by-layer watercolors, soft, diffuse pastel strokes and lovely colorful textures in acrylic, then I am in a state that alternates between excitement and meditative flow without time. And each of the media gives me a special experience

(When I use the word "Stylistic style" below, I mean, that even drawn realistically, it is a more personal style than the "photo-realism" style.)


I love my pencils.
They require no great setup.
They give me the opportunity for fine and small details.
They can be used with an enormous variety of techniques, though of course you find your favorites.
I have drawn in a realistic style with my pencils - from very realistic to a little more stylized look.
Drawings with pencil has, as b / w photos, their own artistic expression. They can not hide behind rich colors, but may appear well-defined in the design, composition, values and textures.

It seems graphite is getting more accepted as a media beyond pure sketching. That is well deserved. The results with pencil can be very unique compared to all other media.


Is the newest media, I have tried. And it fascinated me how this medium's simplicity is both its strength and a challenge.
Ink drawings gives a unique expression and as with graphite, they do not require large setup, allows for many details and I like those black and white drawings.
I have drawn in a style I call "old school natural history" style, and also used ink with brush, it gives another look.

The journey from pencil to cp may seem short as they seem similar.
But no, the addition of color, opens up a whole new world that requires understanding of the color universe.
It is not like drawing with graphite.  Still cp is the most "meditative media" I know. I can relax and totally disapear layering color on color.

I have great respect for my colored pencils, in the sense that they are probably the medium that has given me the most gray hair! Maybe the reason is that you can use cp's in innumerable ways. As mentioned above, one can also use many techniques with pencils, but there are many possible combinations when the colors specifics ​​- the color itself, color tone value, color purity - are added.

Moreover cp's seems to act very differently, depending on the media used upon.
They require no great setup. They can be used with a host of fun techniques - and something I have not done much yet: they are well suited to mixed techniques.

Dry pastel - another nice medium. Just like the colored pencil are not entirely related to the pencil, pastel are not quite in family with the cp!

Pastel is much faster to work with than cp. Pastels also requires awareness of the colors and their properties, but they are more direct and pure in color-related construction.
However there is a faster risk of creating "mud" color with pastels.
Pastels behaves very differently depending on what you paint on. Usually your work
 on colored paper with pastel and each color gives the pastels a different optical color.

Oil Pastel - is not as drypastel. I have not worked much with oil pastel, but the knowledge I have, makes me want to work more with the medium, because it's nice and very direct to work with. As with dryrpastel, it is important to avoid "mud" colors. Details are a special challenge in fatty oil pastel.

I am deeply in love with watercolors is the ability to flow and make beautiful, wild mix, I had not even wanted to paint me. When the water color is best seen as the absolute force: the translucent layer over each other. Only watercolor. who can get the expression above.
It feels a bit like going to list toes with watercolor - a dance between controlling and let color control.
In particular, I found it interesting to paint with watercolor on watercolor-due canvas. The species is somewhat different than on paper. And even with the thickest sheets, I can get paper to bukle.
Watercolor is not a forgiving medium. It is very difficult to correct mistakes ...


Acrylic is like a faithful workhorse. One can do a lot with acrylic and it is a very
forgiving media - which can almost always be corrected if you regret. For the media to be useful, you must be aware of its effects, especially color mixing options.
I only use acrylic of the "fluid / fluid". I can not work with more fat acrylics. Here are 2 of my "Perfect Serie" paintings.

I have only tested the oil once (water-based oil). Immediately it occurred to me very difficult to
working with a medium that requires so much waiting. It gives a nice finished look, but my
patience is not applicable to oil painting.

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