Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fashion Girl serie - wip

I did the drawing "the sunglasses" in 2014, intending to do more of that kind. But, as it goes with many of my ideas, I have to say, I postponed it. Now a couple of things made me come back to this - the serie Fashion Girl.

Firstly my daughter said "The sunglasses" is one of her favorite drawings, and she would like to have a calender with this kind of drawings. That had an impact ;) and then I still need to do the theme-artwork for my upcoming exhibition.

So - the theme for the show is Music. And you can see how I interweaved the Fashion Girl image with the theme :) This is the pencildrawing, now I have to add ink and watercolors. In a style like the drawing "The sunglasses". The new image title: "The headphones" :)

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