Sunday, February 07, 2016


As I am an illustrator/painter that cannot settle with one motif , one media or one kind of style, I have a lot of thoughts about Style. I wanted to clear my mind about it. It is obvious, as you progress, you develop your personal style, and if you stay very narrow, you will develop your style quicker. Not for me, I take the long road that winds in between many villages ;)
And this also gave me some problems, defining my roadmap - to myself and to others. It sometimes worries me, coming from classical drawing, that in some styles, it will not show, that I actually can draw like that using all the classical tools of value, perspective, proportions etc. I even felt a bit frightend to leave those tools out. I write in past tense, as I am getting better, leaving the fright behind :)

In the perspective of artshows - phew - you better stay at the same road. Of cause, you can do this even when you are like me, by only showing works in one style - IF you have enough pieces to fill the walls;)

To clear my mind about it, I had to develop a roadmap. A roadmap of Styles. This is how it looks:

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