Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review and looking into 2016

Review of 2015 and looking into 2016:

My annual review and thoughts about the last year and the year to come.

What was the best artistic experience in 2015?

  •  That Society6 selected quite a bit of my images to be in the Society6 Shop. This makes me really happy.
  •  Increased sales on - makes me even more happy.
  •  A Diane Culhane on-line course. Exciting course even acrylic is not my no. 1. media.
  •  Trying out ink-pens for more than simple deco-illustrations.

Where did I succeed the most?

I had the most succes selling at I am very happy my dogdrawings are out there, on a variaty of items, that doglovers use and adore.

Where did things not turn out great?

  • I am still wondering why 200+ people see my posting on FB about a competition, to win one of my prints – and only 2 people participate.. Think FB is not my print-market platform. 
  •  Also no one participated in my competition for a Pin-up calendar, also wondering as my 2015 pin-up prints and calendar was quite popular. I will think of another kind of calender for next year.
  •  I could have done many more drawings/paintings in a whole year…I am trying to take more control via my calendar in order to be more productive and enjoying time with my drawing and painting supplies.
  •  My FB fan-troops are growing so slowly. I would like many more people see and know about my artwork. But I am grateful for you people, that follow. 
  • I think I have some nice stuff at, but sell close to nothing from there. 

How about my goals predicted in 2014 for 2015?

  •  I did more work for usage in my Society6 shops. Both for doggyshop and lenedaugaard shop.
  •  I did make a calendar – the Pin-up 2016 calendar
  •  I did not go to any fair or market with my stuff – a goal I will bring into 2016 and hopefully join in some 2016 events
  •  My Society6 shops grew – and the Doggyshop is most successfull.
  •  I did set up my DK-shop with t-shirts with dogs for sale (, but didn’t sell much. All in all it seems I have much more succes abroad than in DK. I don’t know why

Where do I feel I grew as an artist?

  • I did some more complicated ink-drawings and felt very happy with both the process and the result. I will do more inkdrawings in the future.
  • I think I did some quite charming placement designs. And I really enjoy putting my simple ink-drawings into patterns.
  • My best abstract paintings so far - came from following the Diane Culhane course

 "Mousing around"

"Flowers and stribes" - 2

"Nature shapes" 2

What piece of art took the most hours to finish?
”Sunshine days – Teen years” in colored pencils.

Where did I do something new?

  • Inkdrawings mentioned above.
  • Diane Culhane course methods of acrylic abstract painting

Made any series ?
3-4 series, but not very large. Which is typical of my Scanner personality (from my last review: ”Reading “Refuse to choose” by Barbara Sher was especially helpful regarding my artwork, as it made me realize that my personality as a
“scanner” (Shers definition) makes it difficult, to choose one direction with my work.”
But – trying to dig more into my trouble with this, I hope to develop series more in 2016.

How about shows/exhibitions?
3 exhibitions and 3 competitions.
I hope to join markets in 2016 and some exhibitions with Stiplet artgroup. I am still a bit uncertain about competitions. It will not be my key-focus.

And any competitions held by me?
Yes, several. But participation was quite dissapointing. My auction was the better one – held at on FB.

What will I quit?
I will give my site a chance to grow this year. If nothing happens there – as to selling stuff – I might give it up later in 2016.
As mentioned above my own competitions seems to lack interest, even I might try the auction type again. But I love to have competitions, so …. I’ll see

What will I like to do more of? What is to be goals and what will I focus on in 2016?

  • I will continue having my 3 society6 shops, but my main focus is on Doggyshop, which is the most popular.
  •  I will try much harder, to do series. I mean series of 10-15 pictures in a Theme. If I succeed, I will try to exhibit more.
  • I want to develop more ”story-telling” compositions
  • I also want to do more paintings including females. 

You can meet me here:
Facebook: lenedaugaardartwork

Dog fans:

Society6 shops:

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