Thursday, December 03, 2015

My society6 doggyshop

Just got notice that using this promolink: - you SAVE 20% on every single item + get free world wide shipping - this is a time to buy wise - ends dec. 5 Midnight Pacific Time:)

I am very happy that doggy friends like my shop at It seems you are also using the promo and saving offers at Society6 - at present to buy some Christmas gifts too, I guess :)
I usually announce these at, but you can also visit the shop directly :) I will start to spread the word of these offers more on my blog and Google+
It is fun to see which dogbreeds sell the most. I actually think all my images are of high standard, so guess it is a matter of which breed-owners discovered my shop :)
Top 5 right now: Basset hound, Poodle (black), Pug, Border collie and Great Dane.
Have a great december to you and your dogs :)

Hvilke hunde?

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