Saturday, August 15, 2015

Doodles with Diane Culhane

I have just started (a selfstudy) course from Diane Culhane. I also took a course by her in 2013, and I think she is very inspirational and proficient.

This first assignment is about doodeling. I don't doodle that much in the manner she explanins. I do small sketches just for fun, but not often the unconsciously doodles, that means drawing when talking on the phone, watching TV, listening to a lecture etc. I must try if I can do those more, but I think my small sketches will be usable too :) Actually this kind of doodeling was a thing I did before we got the cellphone ! - talking in an ordinary phone, you are bound to a place, and that made me doodle ... hmmm.. funny how this has changed without me notice it at all.

The sketches above are very small ink/pen drawings I just" let out" in a sketchbook - I have several books, and I should have been more strict using them in a chronologically manner. Instead my sketches spread out with no order in several books. Not a good thing for my muddled head. I am a list-o-mania. It is so, because my head is muddled - not the other way around: making lists because there are order in my head ;0 Anyway....
I prefer books with a ringbound - they are easy to flip and look through, and I can occasionally dismiss a page ;)
I'll keep you updated on my progress with this course :)

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