Thursday, July 16, 2015


I do love turtles :) I find them so cute and facinating.
This vacation I was on Crete, and was so fortunate to see a sea-turtle. Awesome. And yesterday, in a local lake - I saw a small pondturtle. I was actually convinced that this turtle was placed in nature by humans, but had to google it. And it turns out that these turtles live in Denmark, even it is uncertain if these are from an original wild population or originate from people setting them out in nature.

Anyway, I am facinated. I collect items with turtles on them: jewellry, bijouterie, bowls, magnets, cards etc.
Of cause, turtles also find its way to my drawingtable and painting set-up. Below are all "my turtles" so far. And to help all you turtlefans out there, I offer some of these as designs on items like mugs, t-shirts and more. ( Nothing wrong showing off your facination, right ? :)

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