Friday, May 22, 2015

Books- books - books

I totally admit - I am a bookaholic. Few stores can make my bloodpressure rise as a bookstore can (okay, artsupply-stores takes the first place, but a close second then). This abundance of knowledge, inspiration and wonderful artwork in art- and illustrationbooks - its addictive to me :)
The books gives me a lot of knowhow, challenge and pure joy :)
Heres just a part of my bookshelves - and pretty crowded as you can see. Just bought 2 new ones - floor-to-ceiling bookcase might be an idea :)

Lotus - Botanical Beauties - finished

Mit akvarelmaleri "Lotus" er færdigt. Serie: Botanical Beauties Jeg har nydt at male lotus blade, frøstande og blomster. Mot...