Thursday, October 09, 2014

Companion souls 3 -wip

I couldn't wait to put some watercolors over graphite - and also, if it did not work, I would only ruin a lesser part of the work :)

It works okay. The paper is HP, so the watercolors dries faster than the NOT, I am more used to. The HP gives a beautiful look but hard edges have to be worked of if not intended, and the wc will more easily create unwanted "patterns".

I wasn't quite sure what color her hair should be, but if find this silvery look just right. I added the tatoo and earrings. In my thumb sketch I have a tree-trunk on the left side, but I am not sure I'll keep it.... so what to put there. I think I will prefer something decorative/ornamental... Ideas are welcome, if you have any :)

The size is A4, but even this smaller size and 300 gsm paper, it bulges a bit. I properly have to press it later...

Run Wild IV

Her er mit fjerde og sidste maleri i serien "Run Wild": Alle 4 malerier kommer med på Påskeudstillingen, Testrup Højskole, me...