Thursday, August 07, 2014

Summer Pattern Design school

As I wrote earlier I am in summerschool - that's online of cause: - its all about patterndesign. 
I have chosen to participate in the beginner + intermediate track (there is also an advanced track). 
Well, I did not have time at all to meet the deadline of briefing for 2 tracks, so went with the beginners team. 
The subject beeing Tropical, this is my pattern for the brief :) I have handdrawn the animals in ink (tropical animals: macaw, flamingo, dolphin and seaturtle (mum and baby, you see :)). The colors are added on computer. I like the pattern of the ink-drawings looking kind of old-school, combined with colors, making it a nice combo ;)

Hvilke hunde?

Tidligere spurgte jeg her på bloggen og på  doggyshop facebook  hvilke hunderacer I savner på mine Doggyshops. På facebook fik jeg 2 svar,...