Friday, March 21, 2014

My side of the moon

"My side of the moon" - acrylic and ink.

Now, some of you who followed me a while (or more :)) might wonder why on earth I 've started painting in a non-figurative/abstractive style.

I have been trying on and off to adapt this way of expression for quite some time. I see a lot of great abstractive artwork that really captures me. And I felt an urge to express myself in this manner as well as in my usual more realistic way.

The thing is, I find it to be a very liberating way of expressing some feelings and play with line, shape and colors in a free manner. But as with realistic work, I really have to make good quality. I have found a nice balance of expressing an idea and letting the painting develop itself, still trying not to make a total mess out of it. Enough of lousy abstractive paintings in the world already (sorry, but quality, an understanding of the workmanship is needed in all kind of art)!

I do not find it easier to compose and paint like this, and actually showing it to other people, is more vulnerable, because people (I believe) respond in a different way, than when you show them a realistic work. They often get unsure, proberbly thinking they should "understand" the artwork.

Please, I found a quote that made me be redeemed from this requirement of "understanding". Put very shortly in my own words; when looking at nonfigurative/abstractive and any other artwork: "Don't Think - just Feel." You don't have to get the whole story why I painted this (but you are welcome to ask :)), to find out if you like the painting or not. Of cause the story behind can enlighten and enhance your experience. But most important, let your heart speak: do you feel excited, thrilled, confused, bad or nothing at all. And some people will feel excited about a painting that does not touch you a bit. That's fine too.

Don't listen to so-called experts in art, who often kills and drowns peoples true experience looking at an artwork, as they - the experts - express nothing but intellectual rubbish and obscure explantions about artwork, probably in the meaning of holding down everyone elses opinion and keeping their self-claimed expert-hats on....

"Don't Think - just Feel."

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