Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Review of 2013 - and looking into 2014

I find that doing this exercise each year is a good practise. It pinpoints some issues both negative and positive to take with me into a new year.

What was the best artistic experience in 2013?
• My artwork "Tender Moment" will appear in a new Ann Kullberg book
• I was invited to participate in a show at gallery Art-expo
• Being with old and new art-friends from Stiplet and Mangfoldigheden
• I participated in an on-line drawing course “Tabletop drawing” with Diane Culhane.

How about my goals predicted in 2012?
• I certainly participated in more exhibitions
• I did not manage to keep myself from showing a variaty of media/style in shows - this goal will again appear in 2014
• I did start a shop on, with designs
• I did not find time to start with any crafts
• I did explore more media/styles, but as you read below, it was not all positive
• I painted 3 watercolorpaintings on canvas, could have been explored more

Where do I feel I grew as an artist?
• I find the “Sweetheart” pin-up was a challenge and a succes
• Drawing and painting in a new way with the Tabletop drawing course. It was a lot of fun, and a very liberating way of working. I especailly liked the sketching method using a continious line with ink, drawing directly from life. This gives “skewed” drawings, I find very charming.
• Being aware that even the process is great fun, the outcome might not be worth showing

What piece of art took the most hours to finish?
• “Sweetheart” pin-up in graphite

Where did I do something new?
• Drawing a realistic pin-up (Sweetheart) in graphite.
• I tried new techniques with the online course
• I opened online shops at and etsy
• I tried to draw and paint non-figurative, but I guess it is just not my thing.

Made any series ?
• I painted the “Big wave” series for the show with the artgallery Art-expo. In february, I will find out if any sold
• I also painted 3 more “Colorful Birds”
• My computerdrawn pin-up series grew

How about shows/exhibitions?
• I participated in 11 exhibitions, the largest number for me so far. None of the shows was sales successes (I think most of the participating artist’ will agree). I really hope - looking into 2014 - things will be for the better, and people want to buy art again. I did sell some prints, mostly of my pin-ups.
• Socially it was great, though, meeting a lot of new fellow artists in artgroup Mangfoldigheden.

What happend in competitions?
I participated in just 2 competitions. I am happy that my “Tender moment”-painting will appear in Ann Kullbergs “Colored pencil Hidden treasures”. In 2014 I have a few competitions in mind, but as in 2013 it will be few.

And any competitions held by me?
No. But I am planning a competition in 2014.

What will I quit?
• Non-figurative painting. I am often thrilled by the style, but it is not where I excells.
• I will minimize hanging my art in companies with no budget to buy. Its a lot of work, not much thanks, and no sales. I am thinking of introducing a rental agreement if any of these companies asks me to decorate their walls. Seems like a fair deal to me. Purchase will eliminate that rent of cause. I might loose some, but I feel a bit like a fool as it is. Exception from this rule will be when I hang my art together with people from my artgroups.
• Stop trying to please the public - it is impossible, and I loose focus. Instead focus on finding the public that likes my core of expression.

What will I like to do more of? What is to be goals and what will I focus on in 2014?
• I want to keep a tighter focus, working in same style/media for a longer period of time. Again in 2014 I will try to narrow my style. I certainly did not in 2013, and even I had fun, looking back, it bothers me. I will make fewer headlines for next year. Also when it comes to shows - avoid to show too many styles/media
• I hope to finally make a calender (for 2015)
• I would like to be on a fair/market with my artprints and perhaps items like mugs etc
• I want to make more designs/patterndesigns to place on things like plates, mugs, t-shirts etc.
• I want to sell more art

I hope you all have a great 2014 and achieve whatever goals you desire - Happy new year

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