Saturday, December 22, 2012

Review 2012 and looking into 2013

A week before the year is over, here is some of my thoughts and statements of the year. And a look into my goals of 2013.

What was the best artistic experience in 2012?
• The Easterexhibition with artgroup Stiplet, is always a pleasure. Even sales was terrible (for all the artist) we enjoyed each others company and talking with visitors.
• Also becoming part of the artgroup Mangfoldighed, where I have met a bunch of wonderful artists. I will exhibit with the group several times in 2013, and look forward to meet more members.

How about shows/exhibitions?
I participated in 3 exhibitions, the eastershow with artgroup Stiplet, a soloshow for Stiplet members and a galleryexhibtition with artgroup Mangfoldighed.
So far I have 5 exhibitions booked for 2013.

Where did I do something new?
• Painting the loose watercolorstyle - the Colorful Bird series and Coloristic Dog series - I feel was something new. I did try this style earlier, but not as succesfull and consistent.
• I opened a new shop Tegneriet at Hopefully I will sell some art (and perhaps crafts) from here. So far I sold some prints - always makes me happy when people find my art attractive.
• I wrote to a company artassociation, even this company did not answer (bad manners!), I will approach more in 2013.
• I reopened my commission-business with the blog

Make any series ?
Yes, this year I did do something about the series :)
• I found my serie “Colorful birds” in watercolor to be very fine, and I had much fun painting them, not saying it was easy.
The serie consist of 4 paintings - so far. 
• I also painted 7 “Coloristic dogs” - I need to do more, as I promised the followers on my facebook fanpage Doggy-shop, who was kind to suggest breeds to paint :)
• Boudoir girls is just 2 paintings, but even if I don’t get more painted in this series, they made me come up with ideas for other similar motifs that I might paint in 2013.
• Another serie of 2 is “Snake escape”. Well, I don’t know if you can actually call 2 a serie, but anyway. These emerged from something quite different at an illustration course - and I like to work with ink and watercolors together in a more illustrative style.
• “Dogs with hats” - again, just 2 pieces so far - exploring an illustrative approach in graphite.

What piece of art took the most hours to finish?
“Going home” Jutland horses, graphite drawing.

What happend in competitions?
I did participate in several shows/competitions, but 2012 was not a fruitfull year in that respect. But my pencildrawing “koalabear” (from 2011) did make it to the Top 15 at Guest gallery’s 4. international Animal Art contest.

And any competitions held by me?
I held 2 competitions. One in spring, anyone who Liked my FB fanpage Doggyshop was in. The prize was a print of “Gentle giants - irish wolfhounds”.
The second “Christmas dog” where the prize was a dogprint of the winners own choise. Sadly noone participated in that competition.

What will I quit in 2013?
• I will not participate as much in competitions. I find they are often expensive. I participated in 8 competions in 2012 (16 in 2011). 
• I think, I will not work with graphite on Mellotex again. Did 2 drawings, and I just cannot seem to get the grasp of it. I know many graphite artists like it. I might try it for inkdrawings.
• I will reconsider holding competitions of my own. I think it is fun, but the last one had no participants at all and in earlier years I held one with 1 participant + a couple with very few. Makes me feel a bit embarrased actually. Well, I’ll consider it.

What will I like to do more of? What is to be goals and what will I focus on in 2013?
• I want to particpate in more shows/exhibitions in Denmark.
• I want show artwork in only 2 media for each exhibition in opposition to many different medias which I think gives a bit of a fragmented impression. This will certainly require me working more hours, and I hope to be able to do that.
• I want to make more designs placed on things like plates, mugs, t-shirts etc.
• I want to make some crafts. I might attend a glassmaking course.
• I would like to be on a fair/market with some of my art/craft.
• I want to keep exploring different media 
• Painting with watercolors on watercolorcanvas - a really pleasant experience.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a wonderful new year :)

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