Friday, November 23, 2012

What is it with artcompetitions vs designcompetitions

Being involved in each of these worlds - fine art and design - one thing has really puzzled me.

I have been entering competitions in both categories at many different providers. Both kinds being anything from open, viewer-voting competitions of societies and groups to prestigious competitions of societies, magazines, manufactures etc. with prizes as: cash, gift cards, artproducts, productlicensing, magazin publicity = fame and fortune :)

But usually - entering the fineart competitions with prizes cost you - the artist - money. And sometimes a considerable amount of money. You the artist/designer pay the winners. I don't parcipate that much in competitions as I used to - for that very reason. I cannot always afford it.
And the designcompetitions - not lacking in prizes to win - are free of charge...

I understand that societies, not having an income from products, need to do this.
There are manufactures/publishers that have prize-winners and free of charge entering - but I only found few of those.

I know that with design competitions the provider could earn from products later - but you the artist will also earn from that.

Whats your experience and opinion on this subject ?

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