Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arctic fox in loose watercolors

I plan to do at least 4 loose watercolor paintings of animals. The concept being very colorful animals on white background and with a small vignette set-up.

"Loose watercolor" might sound like an easy task. This is not my first, but it has been some time since I last painted in that manner. I actually don't find them easier to do than more detailed artwork. They are faster, but demands attention, focus and going with the flow of watercolor paint. The arctic fox having an almost white fur needs good, varied colors to stand against the white background. Still, he must look like a light-furred animal, to look okay.

Hvilke hunde?

Tidligere spurgte jeg her på bloggen og på  doggyshop facebook  hvilke hunderacer I savner på mine Doggyshops. På facebook fik jeg 2 svar,...