Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Macaw in watercolor

I finally started a new project, after I finished my latest drawing.

Jeg want to experiment with watercolors, and find the macaw so lovely colorful, that it became my motif.

I really like the combination of crisp graphitestrokes and the watercolor, even the graphite can be hard to see, when you're not close up. I want a loose painting, not too detailed and precise. And watercolors are great for that. It is also interesting with a mix of soft and sharp edges with the colors.

I love the transparency watercolors can give. Look at the leaf in the close-up shot.

I bought a couple of large plates to mix on, as I've started buying watercolors in tubes rather than pans, and I want to be able to make larger puddles with the colors.

Here are shots of the plate, my brush, a pic of the composition and a close-up as far as I am now.

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