Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My first art-association show Denmark

Today I went to my unions art-association with 5 paintings/drawing for an artshow that will run for 2 months. This is my first show in an art-association in Denmark, so quite exciting. Thuesday is the preview. I'll have to price my artwork - that's not easy! These are the artworks ("Eyes of wilderness" - paintings are framed as one picture.)

"Grazing Days" - graphite, "Colorful pattern I - Zebra" - colored pencils, "Chameleons" I + II - watercolors, and "Eyes of Wilderness I + III" Wolf + Arctic Wolf - inktense and colored pencils.

Hvilke hunde?

Tidligere spurgte jeg her på bloggen og på  doggyshop facebook  hvilke hunderacer I savner på mine Doggyshops. På facebook fik jeg 2 svar,...