Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Goat-kid - loose watercolor

I am sure many of you recognize this kind of goat - they are seen in many children-friendly zoo's, playgrounds etc. They are fun and often some small bandits too.
While waiting for response from my client of the graphite commission, I did practise loose watercolorpainting. This might seem an easy task - believe me, at least for me, it is not. Being used to drawing in details and not being used to brushwork this is fun but challening for me. Heres the result of a days painting. It's approx. 40x50 cm.

Hvilke hunde?

Tidligere spurgte jeg her på bloggen og på  doggyshop facebook  hvilke hunderacer I savner på mine Doggyshops. På facebook fik jeg 2 svar,...